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Check This Out

Check This Out's advanced, SMS-based, sales engine for restaurants is the fastest, most effective, and cost efficient way to acquire new customers and get existing customers to return more often. Check This Out SMS campaigns, with a 98% open rate, allow restaurants to announce specials, events, update hours, etc. to their existing customers. Customers click on a link to make a reservation and our clients track all click throughs/conversions through their Check This Out dashboard. Clients routinely see a 17x return on investment (ROI) from their marketing spend on the platform. Similarly, Check This Out's word-of-mouth customer acquisition engine is unparalleled in the restaurant industry for its effectiveness in acquiring new customers for our clients. It integrates seamlessly into the campaign module and lets restaurants harness and accelerate word-of-mouth by allowing their customers to refer friends through texted discounts. Check This Out clients see a 12x ROI from the customer acquisition engine and all new customer contacts feed directly into the campaign module without lifting a finger. We do all of this to help good people with great ideas thrive in the restaurant business and be a force for good in their communities.


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