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Inventory, Accounting and Purchasing Results - Technology


ComplianceMate provides a digital HACCP compliant solution to optimize your food safety temperature monitoring as well as automated workflow processes. ComplianceMate’s LoRaWAN IoT monitoring systems makes monitoring effortless and helps automate and streamline workflows which ultimately protect your guests and your brand.


With MarginEdge, restaurant operators know their Prime Costs daily, so they can make immediate data-driven decisions instead of after the period ends. Back office paperwork is reduced to 2-3 minutes per day, so operators can spend more time with staff and guests. POS integration with MarginEdge pushes sales and labor data to accounting software and provides daily controllable P&L. Manual entry is eliminated, as invoices are sent via photos through the app, email, platform upload or EDI. MarginEdge works with over 60 POS and 15 accounting systems.

Parsley Software Inc.

Parsley provides efficiency and visibility to your culinary operations - a robust, all-in-one ERP for food production where you can seamlessly manage everything from the cost of your salad dressing to the nutrition facts and allergens on today's menu to purchasing and production planning for your very busy day.



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